AndrOpen Office
Privacy Policy

AndrOpen Office and the related applications use Google's Analytics, Crashlytics, Remote Config and SDKs for Accessing Cloud Storages.

Please confirm that the following user data are sent, accessed, used or stored.

Analytics, Crashlytics and Remote Config

User data to be sent

The following user data are sent to the outside:

  • Product Interaction

  • Advertising Data

  • Purchase History

  • Crash Data

  • Performance Data

It should be remarked:

  • Contents or Name of the file will not be sent.

  • Personal information to identify who the user will not be sent.


  • Google Inc.

Purpose to be sent

  • To improve service quality.


Google manages their data under their privacy policy.

Opt Out

You can opt-out them in this app.

Please see this article.

SDKs for Accessing Cloud Storages.

User data to be accessed, used or stored

The following user data are accessed, used or stored:

  • User Identifier

  • IP Address

  • Document Data

  • Folder List

  • File Name and Type


  • App's private storage and they're never accessed by the other apps.

Purpose to be accessed, used or stored

  • To record OAuth grants created with the user's consent.

  • To estimate the general location of a device for fraud prevention.

  • To edit, create and delete all of user's Google Drive files.